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UAE ramps up pest control efforts to tackle flood mosquitoes.

In the aftermath of an unprecedented storm that swept through the UAE last week, the spotlight has shifted towards bolstering community defenses against diseases transmitted by mosquitoes, which thrive in stagnant water. Severe wet weather often raises concerns about the potential creation of vast breeding grounds for mosquitoes, prompting pest controllers to employ a combination of traditional and modern techniques to mitigate the spread of these insects.

In response to the heightened risk posed by post-flood mosquito populations, pest control companies are implementing innovative strategies aimed at curbing their proliferation. From traditional thermal fogging in residential areas during the early hours to the utilization of advanced smart devices costing Dh3,000, a diverse range of approaches is being employed to address the challenge. Rentokil Boecker, a leading pest control company, has been tasked with deploying thousands of eco-friendly mosquito traps designed to lure bugs by replicating human scent, effectively targeting areas most severely impacted by flooding.

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Dinesh Ramachandran, Technical and Safety Health Environment Manager at Rentokil Boecker, highlights the effectiveness of these traps, which mimic human breathing by emitting carbon dioxide and a synthetic human scent. By capitalizing on mosquitoes' attraction to these stimuli, the traps serve as an efficient means of capturing the insects within a 20-meter radius, offering a sustainable solution to mosquito control. Moreover, some pest controllers are adopting proactive measures to eliminate breeding sources, such as stagnant water, or introducing natural predators like fish or amphibians to man-made ponds, thereby disrupting the mosquito lifecycle.

Solar-powered machines connected to carbon dioxide cylinders are being deployed by Rentokil to replicate human emissions, attracting mosquitoes within a 20-meter radius and trapping them in nets. These devices, equipped with timers to release carbon dioxide and scents at dawn and dusk, have been strategically placed in areas heavily affected by flooding, including residential communities and public spaces. Furthermore, the integration of GPS technology enables real-time monitoring of trap efficacy and identification of potential breeding hotspots, facilitating targeted intervention efforts to contain mosquito populations.

In light of the recent weather events, the Dubai Land Department has spearheaded efforts to provide comprehensive pest control services free of charge, underscoring the urgency of the situation and the need for a concerted community response. Residential management companies and real estate developers have been called upon to collaborate in implementing preventive measures and mitigating the risk of mosquito-borne diseases.

Communities across the UAE have also ramped up alternative pest control measures, with additional thermal fogging runs conducted during the early hours to reduce mosquito populations. From routine pest control treatments in water features to the deployment of organic compounds and diesel fumes for thermal fogging, various approaches are being employed to combat the influx of mosquitoes. Muhammad Manqoosh, Managing Director of Nagina Pest Control, emphasizes the importance of proactive measures in identifying and addressing breeding sites to prevent further mosquito proliferation.

As demand for pest control services escalates in the wake of the flooding, particularly in villa communities with gardens, stakeholders emphasize the importance of public awareness and proactive engagement in mosquito control efforts. By adopting a multi-faceted approach that combines traditional methods with innovative solutions, communities can effectively mitigate the risk of mosquito-borne diseases and safeguard public health in the face of environmental challenges.

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PM Shehbaz arrives Visits UAE

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