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Pakistan Thwarts Naval Base Attack, 6 Terrorists Killed

In Karachi, Pakistan, armed Baloch terrorists attempted to infiltrate PNS Siddique Naval Air Base, a significant naval installation in the restive Balochistan province. The attack occurred in Turbat, a turbulent district known for its sparse population and ongoing security challenges. Makran Commissioner Saeed Ahmed Umrani confirmed that the assailants targeted the naval air base, launching their assault from three different directions along the airport boundary.

Despite the attackers' coordinated efforts, security forces swiftly responded to the threat, preventing any breach of the premises. Eyewitnesses reported hearing gunfire and explosions throughout the night as security personnel engaged the terrorists. Fortunately, no damage to the airbase or aircraft was reported.

An unnamed security official disclosed that six terrorists were killed during the operation, effectively neutralizing the threat posed by the attackers. Additionally, there were no reported losses to sensitive naval installations.

The Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) claimed responsibility for the attack, attributing it to its Majeed Brigade. This incident marks the third major assault on security forces and installations in Balochistan this year, with previous attacks also repelled by security forces.

Balochistan, situated along the borders with Iran and Afghanistan, has long been plagued by a violent insurgency. Baloch insurgent groups, including the BLA, have frequently targeted security forces and infrastructure, particularly projects associated with the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The BLA accuses China and Islamabad of exploiting Balochistan's abundant resources, a claim vehemently denied by authorities.

The BLA's Majeed Brigade, established in 2011, is renowned for its lethal tactics and is considered the suicide squad of the organization. The brigade primarily targets security forces and Chinese interests in Pakistan. It has also been linked to attacks outside Pakistan, including a suicide bombing near the Karachi University's Confucius Institute in April 2022.

Despite ongoing security measures, Balochistan continues to grapple with insurgency, with militant groups operating from sanctuaries along the Pak-Iran border. The persistence of such attacks underscores the challenges faced by authorities in maintaining stability and security in the region.

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March 26, 2024 3:53 p.m. 4438

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Kriti Sanon Radiates as a New Bride in Stunning Sindoori Red Lehenga

Kriti Sanon Stuns in Sindoori Red Lehenga from Manish Malhotra's Kashi Show, Exudes Bridal Charm

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