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Indian DJ Appeals 25-Year Drug Cake Verdict in UAE Court

Falyn, the wife of Clayton Rodrigues, stands resolute in her belief in the UAE's justice system. Her husband, a Mumbai native, received a severe 25-year sentence in Sharjah after authorities intercepted him at the airport with a drug-infused cake in June 2023.

Expressing confidence in the judiciary, Falyn asserts Clayton's innocence, attributing his predicament to entrapment. Speaking from Mumbai to the press, she underscores the UAE's commitment to justice, expressing hope for a fair outcome as they challenge the verdict.

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Mumbai Police's investigation lends weight to Falyn's claims. They uncovered a complex extortion scheme orchestrated by a conniving baker and his accomplice. This duo targeted unsuspecting individuals, coercing them into unknowingly transporting drugs into the UAE. Upon arrival, the victims would be apprehended, paving the way for the extortionists to exploit their families under the guise of legal aid.

One such victim was Bollywood actress Chrisann Pereira, deceived into carrying drugs under the pretext of an acting opportunity. Pereira's subsequent arrest unveiled the extent of the scheme, leading to the apprehension of the perpetrators.

However, Clayton's misfortune persisted. In February, he too fell prey to the baker's deceit, receiving a drug-laden cake prior to his ill-fated journey. The baker's confession to Mumbai Police exposed his nefarious activities, providing crucial evidence for Clayton's defense.

Falyn recounts the distressing moment she learned of her husband's arrest, tracing it back to the very phone number used for his supposed job offer and travel arrangements. Subsequently, the baker attempted to exploit the family's anguish, demanding a hefty sum for Clayton's release.

Now, Falyn's faith lies in the UAE's legal system, buoyed by the evidence provided to Clayton's lawyers. Despite the upheaval inflicted upon their family, she remains hopeful for a just resolution, seeking solace in the pursuit of truth and fairness.



March 29, 2024 1:11 p.m. 2921

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